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Finding Scholarships For High School Students

Scholarships for high school students are becoming more important with deadlines starting to become close and scholarship season almost here. In fact if you are a senior reading this you have your work cut out for you. While there is an abundance of scholarship and grant money available you also have to work within the processing cycles of both. This includes finding, applying for and the inevitable wait to find out if you got the awards or not. This article will focus on finding scholarships for high school students.

Online Research Databases

There are a number of excellent online resources that can assist you in locating a number of applicable scholarships. after you have read this article then take a look at the resource section for one such suggestion. You may also want use to find other suitable resources. Keep in mind that the more awards you apply for then the chances of you getting one or more of them will increase.

Lebanon Schools Foundation Awards

If you are a senior then you should look into applying for the Lebanon Schools Foundation scholarships. Since there has not been a lot of fan fare around this scholarship award source there tends to be little competition. In fact these awards are not just for the best students out there who will probably go to a four year university anyway, rather these are also for those who are planning to go to a community college, trade school, out of state university or in-state university.

You should also be made aware that there are no minimum GPA requirements to apply. I will list a few of the existing Lebanon Schools Foundation awards here:

  1. Dr. Melanie Award – Specific to those seeking a medical career.
  2. Bob Grimes Award – Specific to those seeking an engineering career.
  3. Bob and Helen Grimes Award – Specific to those seeking a medical career.
  4. McDaniel/Optimist Mid-Valley Reeves Young Dahl Award – A general purpose scholarship.
  5. Virginia Link Award – Specific to those seeking an education career.

The hard deadline for their scholarship awards is January 31.

Oregon Student Assistance Commission Scholarships

These (OSAC) scholarship awards are available just for seniors with more then 370 choices. To apply for these awards you will need an official grade transcript, two essays and an activities chart. keep in mind that you can apply to up to twenty of these on one application. They have recently added the ability to apply online so take advantage of that option now.

In Closing

This article has listed several sources of scholarship and grants for funding your higher education schooling. Keep in mind that the list presented here was brief because of space and you should take it on yourself to seek out other sources of funding. These and the places you find online should be a good starting point for finding scholarships for high school students.

Scholarships For High School Students – Discover the secrets of getting college scholarships and grant money by utilizing the proper research tools and information.

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