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Pre-School Education

Pre-school education is required to imbibe the qualities in the children right from a very young age. This is a very crucial phase when these tiny tots have to leave their threshold and explore the world outside. This aids in molding the kids to face the challenges of the competitive world.

The education in these schools comprises of Play-schools, Nursery and the like kinds. The curriculum of these pre-schools is designed keeping in mind the child psychology. The curriculum is flexible to meet the needs of every child. This is because this phase is where the child is subject to various physical and mental developments.

The education system is designed with an objective to help the children in learning things independently. The main advantage is that the child can overcome the initial separation anxiety. The child automatically learns to adjust itself with the school’s environment. The children in pre-school mingle with each other and constant interactions help in developing the vocabulary and language skills of a child.

Various activities in the pre-schools are designed to lay a cognitive foundation to the child’s learning process. The curriculum of these activities is designed with the help of various vibrant colors, shapes, patterns that attract the child’s attention. These activities help the child in accepting them as a part of its daily routine. The children learn some good habits and etiquette in the pre-schools. Physical activities also aid in the physical development of the child.

The child is prepared to face the higher school. The teachers in the school find it easier to teach the children who have a strong base.

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