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What is the Academic Writing Style?

December 16, 2018

One of the goals of bilingual education in the United States is to support the learning of English by students who come from homes where other languages are spoken. A concern with student performance in mainstream classes following their transfer from bilingual education programs has prompted educators to focus on the types of English skills […]

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Benefits Of Academic Journals

November 20, 2018

Academic journals are a body of work that publishes academic articles which have been peer reviewed and selected. A journal’s main function is to distribute knowledge, not maximize its income or make a great contribution to a government department. Academic journals contain a wealth of research results from various different areas. Students often quote academic […]

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Academic Diaries – Your Everyday Companio

October 16, 2018

Academic diaries are a type of notepad which consist of different pages for each day and date of the year where the user can take down important notes such as the day’s expenses or upcoming events that need constant reminders. Even in these modern times of computers and palmtops, academic diaries are used by many […]

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